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Services: Scope

Performance Marketing

Working exclusively on Online Retail for 5+ years... we know to seek, and optimize for, the right audiences for your Brand

Online Retail Analytics

Experience one of the world's most relevant, incisive & comprehensive Analytics, built just for Online Retail

Merchandising Automation

We automatically select & prioritize the most relevant products for each of your campaigns, using our Data & AI tools

AI-Driven Segmentation

Get sharply segmented lists of your purchasers & app installers, updated daily into your marketing & advertising systems


The above scope does not include:

Content Creation:Providing Content & Creatives for Advertising and Merchandising


Social Media Management: Managing your Social media pages or posts



Customer Support: Managing Customer Queries or Shipping & delivery



Operations: Product uploads, banner changes, etc

Services:  Pricing

Monthly Fee Slabs for a full scope engagement

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